Engineering Services - Boiler Plant Engineering

Energy Projects, Inc. (DBA Boiler Efficiency Institute)



The Boiler Efficiency Institute (BEI) is a professional engineering service company that provides engineering consulting and training for industrial, commercial, and institutional customers related to energy conversion and usage. The main strength of BEI is our technical knowledge and over 30 years of industrial experience. The project managers are licensed professional engineers and hold Ph.D. degrees in mechanical engineering, specializing in energy management. BEI was established in 1972 with the vision of providing technical know-how to operators, engineers, management personnel, and trades people.To learn more about BEI, visit us at Our areas of expertise are summarized below.


  1. Energy Management Services
    1. Energy audits
    2. Cost effective ways of using energy
    3. Optimizing energy usage to accomplish facility goals


  1. Consulting
    1. Boiler/Steam systems
    2. HVAC (including cooling towers and indoor air quality)
    3. Electrical systems (lighting, motors, VFD drives, pumps, compressors)
    4. Industrial water treatment (boiler water, steam systems, chilled water, and cooling tower water)


  1. Training
    1. Operation of heating and cooling equipment (boilers, chillers, cooling towers, etc.) for efficient and cost effective operation.
    2. Electrical systems (evaluating rate schedules, operation and maintenance, optimizing the use of electricity, etc.)
    3. Engineering fundamentals related to industrial equipment (engineering concepts in everyday language)


  1. Boiler Safety
    1. Gas train safety testing (main gas train and pilot train)
    2. Fireside testing (combustion switches, flame scanners, etc.)
    3. Pressure vessel containment (safety valve testing, low water cutoffs, etc.)
    4. Condensate and steam system auxiliary equipment testing