Boiler Safety Testing - Useful Information

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Current Boiler Safety Inspection Status

·        All States have inspection programs

·        Only authorized inspection is by the State or an Insurance company with national board certification

·        Many entities are exempt: e.g. Power companies and Manufacturing plants

·        Inspections are cursory and do not include most safety devices on a boiler.  It is rare if these inspections even include the fuel and air side safeties.

Our Experience

·        State and Insurance inspections are inadequate!

·        Management is "lulled" to sleep with positive authorized inspections.

·        On average more than 40 % of all safety devices do not function properly on commercial / industrial boilers.

·        New electronic based controls/drives are Crossing the line with respect to traditional safety codes.

·        Contractors are generally inept - We said generally (no emails please).

Items to Check

The activating device Must:

·        Be in the correct location

·        Be the correct type of device

·        Have the correct setpoint

·        Activate at its setpoint

·        Produce the desired effect on the control system