About Us

Mission Statement

GovSafetySolution’s goal is to compile and organize training and reference information for VA boiler plant personnel.  The primary aim of the site is to improve the accessibility of information needed to specify, test, and maintain safety devices in boiler plants within the VA.  Other areas of the site include general information relevant to boiler plant operations.


-"Keep it Safe; Keep it Steamin"


Through our field experience and experience with VA Documents, we noticed informational gaps and needs at the individual boiler plant level.  GovSafetySoutions supports these areas by providing:

  • Easy access to organized and relevant VA documents available on the TIL.
  • New publications to address knowledge gaps noted in most boiler plant personnel.
  • Improved communication between boiler plant personnel across the VA system with a dedicated forum.
  • Use of online calculators that are industry specific to allow the non-engineer to “double check” calculations. 


Who are we:

GovSafetySolution is created and operated by Rob Engle and Joe Ragan of BEI LLC. 

BEI's name in boiler plant and utilities system engineering in unparalleled in the industry.  BEI has been integral in developing the VHA Boiler Safety Program since its inception.  

Both Rob and Joe have: 

  • Graduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Auburn University.
  • Worked extensively within BEI over the last 10 years.
  • Specialized in boiler safety testing and personnel training for the past 7 years.


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